Why Arizona Is The Best Place To Live

Why is everyone moving to Arizona?!

Ranked top three as far as inbound migration from other states, Arizona had an increased growth of 12% in the past year.

Let’s dive into the details and understand why this is happening.

According to the US Census Bureau, Arizona saw a huge increase in migration from states like Illinois, California, Washington, Colorado, and even Utah.

But what are the reasons behind this?

Before address these reasons, I want to share some data from local news sources about how this relates to the real estate market.

According to recent research, there are 5% fewer homes available to meet the demand now than a year ago, but new residents are still coming to the area, many of whom are looking to buy a home. 

Forecasters state that another 15 to 25% increase in home prices in the coming year is going to meet the majority of those moving to Arizona, and most of them come from California, with over 17.37% considering leaving the state.

The Property Taxes & The Weather

In my opinion, the main reason why Arizona reached the top three in inbound migration has to do with property taxes.

If you’re coming from Illinois or especially Chicago, you already face high property taxes, and Arizona is the place to get away from it since the average is less than 1%, reaching only 6% depending on the area.

Now, if we look at the cost of living and compare major states like California and Washington to Arizona, you’ll have a significantly lower cost, meaning that you’re probably going to buy a more affordable home and make your money worthwhile.

The other reason is the weather.

If you’re coming from Washington or Chicago, you’re going to experience very different weather over here.

From hot summers going over 100 degrees during 3 months to the other months having beautiful and cool weather, Arizona is going to surprise you. You don’t have to deal with rain, you don’t have to deal with cloudy days, you don’t have to deal with wind, heavy snow, or blizzards. It’s incredible for 9 months out of the year.

What Does It Mean For You?

Arizona is one of the top three places that people are moving to for a reason. It’s just a fantastic place to live! So if you’ve been eyeing Phoenix or Scottsdale, I’d encourage you to come visit to see what you think.

Make sure to also consider some other cities that are growing a lot, like Meas and Tempe. There are plenty of great cities here that people love.

I highly recommend looking into Gilbert as well, which has blown up in recent years and is a very family-friendly city.

Peoria is similar but is set to receive much more economic growth with tons of new commercial and residential developments, including a new airport, in an already wonderful infrastructure.

Either way, if you want to dive into more details and get to know more about the greater Phoenix area, how’s the lifestyle, more on the weather, and information about the real estate market, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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