The 5 Best New Home Builders in Phoenix and Scottsdale in 2024

Are you looking to buy a new construction home in the booming Phoenix or Scottsdale areas in 2024? With so many new home communities popping up across the Valley of the Sun, it can be overwhelming to determine which builder has the reputation, quality, and value to best fit your needs.


As a native Phoenician and realtor with over 10 years of local experience, I’ve had the opportunity to work extensively with many of the top builders in the region.

Based on my professional opinion and firsthand client testimonials, here are the 5 best new home builders to keep on your radar if you’re looking to buy in Phoenix, Scottsdale or other parts of the Greater Phoenix area in 2024.

1. Camelot Homes

Topping our list, Camelot Homes offers luxury living at its finest, with homes starting at a million dollars. Known for expansive lots and sophisticated designs, Camelot Homes creates properties that feel like private resorts. Their commitment to quality and top-notch customer service makes them a premier choice for those seeking opulence and comfort.

2. Toll Brothers

As a synonym for luxury, Toll Brothers excels in building high-end homes that blend impeccable design with innovation. Located in prestigious communities, these homes are perfect for those seeking exclusivity and elegance. Toll Brothers’ reputation for excellence is not just local but nationwide, making them a solid choice for luxury homebuyers.

3. TriPointe Homes

TriPointe Homes is renowned for its community-oriented approach, offering a variety of floor plans and amenities designed to enhance family life. Their properties often include communal spaces perfect for social gatherings, making them ideal for families looking for a vibrant community lifestyle.

4. Shea Homes

Known for contemporary designs and cutting-edge technology, Shea Homes offers modern aesthetics coupled with luxury. Their homes are designed with high ceilings and innovative layouts that appeal to those looking for a fresh, modern look in their living spaces.

5. Taylor Morrison

Rounding out the list, Taylor Morrison is recognized for its consistent quality and beautiful community planning. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly neighborhood or a serene place to retire, Taylor Morrison delivers with well-crafted homes and thoughtful community features like parks and walking trails.

Why These Builders?

Each of these builders has been selected based on their history of delivering quality construction, excellent customer service, and overall buyer satisfaction. They not only focus on the homes themselves but also on fostering a sense of community, ensuring that each development is more than just houses but a place where memories are made.


Choosing the right builder is crucial when investing in a new construction home. These top five builders in Phoenix and Scottsdale offer a range of options from luxury estates to family-friendly neighborhoods, making them excellent choices for prospective homeowners in the area. By selecting from these trusted builders, you’re not just buying a house; you’re creating a home.

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